Guest Blog – Jan Kiermasz (John Jelly) – An Unusual visit

I’d like to give a warm welcome to the lovely Jan Kiermasz from John Jelly, to tell us a little about her ghostly experiences. Over to you, Jan :-):

It was late evening. My young baby was tucked up in bed. My husband was working away. I was sat quietly watching a spot of TV and just chilling out alone in the living room.

I became aware of something. I sensed that I wasn’t alone any longer. I could feel somebody standing in the doorway. I say feel as there was nothing substantial to see. It was most certainly ‘there’.

I sensed an old man with a walking stick just standing there, in the doorway, not moving. He wasn’t threatening. In fact he oozed a sense of calm. I wasn’t frightened or even startled by his presence. After a while he moved further into the room. He sat quietly at the other end of my sofa. He seemed to be watching the TV with me. He said nothing. He did nothing. For more than half an hour he just sat with me.

I have no idea who he was. I have no idea why he came. He just seemed to want to keep me company. He hasn’t been back that I am aware. As my daughter got older she used to chat with somebody not there on the stairs. Maybe it was the same old man.

It isn’t my only encounter with the spirit world. My uncle came to ask me to thank the children for the flowers they left on his coffin. He was wearing his beautiful blue suit and held the lilies the children had given him. I saw him clearly at the end of the bed. Heard him as if he were still alive.

By far my most bizarre encounter has to be the cat. I hated that cat. It came every night. Jumped on the bed. Circled round that way cats do. Dropped down next to my legs and slept. I have no idea why it came to haunt me. I hated that cat when it was alive. Why would it come visit me after it died!

That damn cat came every night for months!  I’d rather the old man had come back.


BIO: Jan Kiermasz is an experienced Digital Professional teaching business owners to utilise modern technology to best effect.  Through her company, John Jelly, she has taught people of all ages and from all walks of life to use Social Media, Build websites and improve their marketing. As a parent she writes for Mama Life Magazine, helping parents cope with the dangers of Social Media for their children. Find out more about what she can do for you at