Wales Comic Con 10th Birthday

This weekend, Wales Comic Con celebrated its 10th birthday, with fans from all around the world swarming to meet their heroes and heroines. I have never seen the event so busy and full of life, fun and laughter – it was awesome.

But Comic Con is not the only thing celebrating a momentous birthday this year. Both of the guests I was lucky enough to meet had major roles it two other media enterprises, also celebrating.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns 21 this year and who can forget the arrival of Spike and Dru in Sunnydale in Series 2, when Spike drove his car straight into the Welcome to Sunnydale sign? Today, I had the great honour in meeting Juliet Landau, aka Drusilla, and chatting with her and her husband, Dev Weekes.

Juliet and I have been in touch on Twitter for the last 18 months and it was fantastic to finally meet her. She is such a lovely person and I felt extremely lucky to be able to have Bonds and Broken Bonds in the photo with us. I just needed my sunglasses and we’d have been twins ?



I also had the pleasure of cosying up to my favourite character from Dog Soldiers, Sean Pertwee, aka Sergeant Harry Wells. Dog Soldiers turns sweet 16 this year and has to be one of the best werewolf films ever made. I mean, who can forget the scene where Sergeant Wells’ guts are super-glued back inside him – classic! It is a film full of brilliant lines and I’d highly recommend you to watch it!