What is an ARC Reader?

I’m often asked by my readers, as well as many budding authors, the following question:

“What is an ARC reader and what is the difference between an ARC reader and a beta reader?”

In this article, I’ll take a closer look to help you understand what an ARC reader is and the crucial role they play in helping authors succeed.

What is a beta reader?


The role of a beta reader is to read a pre-edit of a final book while it is still a work in progress and provide helpful insight on how important elements of the story such as characters, setting, and plot might be improved. They will also look at areas such as continuity and fact-checking. Beta readers offer valuable insight as to how a book is likely to come across to an average reader, and the author may make changes to the story based on the feedback received.

What is an ARC Reader?


ARC stands for Advanced Review Copy. An ARC reader is a person who receives a pre-published copy of a book, usually after final editing. They enjoy access to the book before other readers get an opportunity to buy it
ARC readers are also sometimes known as “early reviewers.” They are given a free copy of an upcoming book in exchange for leaving an honest book review on key sites such as Amazon or Goodreads) once the book is released.

Becoming an ARC reader is a great way to make sure you get the very first chance to read books in the genres you love – plus you’ll be helping an author to succeed and therefore playing a part in their success!

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