Dear Fellow Author,

Hi, I’m Marie. I’m a professional author and developmental editor with over 25 years of writing experience.

I have spent thousands of hours studying how authors construct their stories, and how they build their characters and the worlds they inhabit, learning what draws me to want to read on and what doesn’t, and what makes a character live on in my heart rather than wander off into the sunset. A book needs to come alive in my head and draw me into the action, following the protagonist as they go on their journey; seeing what they see, doing what they do, and feeling what they feel. Point of view, pace, characterisation and story development are some of the many things I will look at as I assess your novel and work with you to shape your story into one that will live on in the hearts and minds of your readers for years to come.

As an experienced developmental editor, I will provide structured, professional feedback in a timely manner, with regular communication, allowing you to take your novel to the next stage of development.

If you are struggling to start or even finish your novel, I can also help. From the initial stages of mapping out your idea into a fully fledged storyline, to helping identify why your story isn’t working, or why you’ve hit a roadblock, my one-to-one coaching can help bring order to your chaos. Drop me a line and we can have an initial chat about your needs before you make any commitment.

If you write thrillers and fantasies, dark paranormal or supernatural tales then choose me as your developmental editor and/or book coach.

I offer two types of editing services:

Editorial Assessment

This is where I will read the manuscript from a macro, birds’ eye perspective. I will look at things such as structure, pacing, character development, main character arc, and whether you are hitting expected tropes for the genre. I will also look at POV (point of view) and tense consistency. I will then compile a report detailing everything that I think needs to be fixed/amended/restructured etc., and then you, the author, make the changes.

Developmental Edit

This is like the above, but I will make comments on the manuscript, showing you exactly where you need to make the changes. Should the suggestion warrant it, I will make the change for you to illustrate my point. It will be a more focused assessment of your novel and, as well as suggesting the changes to the MS, I will also provide you with a summary report, drawing your attention to the main points. This is a more detailed service, and hence more costly. Again, you, the author, will make the changes.

Book Coaching

This is charged per hour, with a reduced rate if I’ve editorially assessed what you’ve already written before our coaching begins. I usually suggest a minimum of six sessions of one hour each.

I look forward to working with you.



“Working with Marie has been a great experience. Highly knowledgeable and professional, and helps takes my stories to another level.”

Andrew Warren, bestselling author of the Thomas Caine thrillers.

“I would highly recommend Marie’s editing services to anyone who needs help to see their book more clearly. She delved into my novel far deeper than I expected and helped me to see how I could improve the book to make the story pop. I will definitely seek her guidance in the future.”

Luke Richardson, bestselling author of the Leo Keane action thriller series.

“I highly recommend Marie’s developmental editing services to any author seeking a great editor at a very competitive price.”

Steven Moore, bestselling author of the Hiram Kane and Alexandria Ridley action thriller series.

If you wish to express an interest in working with me, please submit your request for consideration.


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