Film (Re)View – Annabelle: Creation

It wasn’t scary, not for me anyway, but it was extremely creepy. The filmmakers succeeded in suspending my disbelief and creating a scenario where possession exists and where a child’s spirit (or otherwise) can be summoned back. Apart from the sheet over the doll incident -which, in all honesty, there was no realistic way of doing that scene – all the chills and spills were extremely well done. The effects in this film did NOT stink of cheese, I am pleased to say.

The film is about a dollmaker (LaPaglia) and his wife who have a young daughter, Bee (Annabelle), who is tragically killed. So desperate to have some connection to her, they summon what they believe is her spirit to reside inside the doll, but they don’t realise they have summoned a demon which is hungry for souls.

After the demon takes half of Mrs Mullins face, Mr Mullins summons a priest and, between them, they bless the house and lock the doll away – why they didn’t burn it I have no idea!!

The Mullins’, wanting to hear happiness in their house again, take in a group of orphan girls, one of whom, Janice, is crippled due to polio. It is Janice that the spirit draws in and makes its own and whom it uses to try and destroy the others.

I won’t tell you anymore, but the end of the film dovetailed perfectly into the opening of a previous Conjuring release – very well done!

Go and watch this film. There is a reason china/wooden faced dolls are rather creepy!!