Film (Re)View – Beauty and the Beast

The only faults I could find with the film were that they didn’t stick to the animated script (changing lines, adding in lines and songs) and the gay element (not needed).

The way the characters are brought to life is amazing and Beast – wow! I can’t work out whether he is CGI, a robot or a costume. He is so lifelike and realistic.

I loved the end when he changed to human form, as this was just how they did it in the animated version.

This story resonates with me and my writing, which is probably why it’s my favourite. Belle is an outcast; seen as weird and different by the villagers. It is only Beast who understands and accepts her for who she is, and vice versa.

This film is clever, magical, enchanting and, at the same time, it sends a message that it is okay to be different and you should never change who you are for anyone.