Film (Re)View – King Arthur

Sticking with believability, the early scenes with the rogue mages and the godzilla sized elephants didn’t ring true, as Ritchie had failed to build a supernatural world of giant monsters that we could accept by suspending our disbelief. This flaw turned me cold as it is a huge no-no.

Arthur’s story was good and even the modernism of language and wheeling and dealing worked for me (although my friend would vehemently disagree).

The main issue I had with the film was Arthur. I just didn’t like him, engage with him or anything. He was portrayed as arrogant and self involved, cocky and disrespectful. Basically, he possessed all the bad traits a man can possess. Not a good image for a hero.

The other huge flaw was the fight scenes. A couple of them actually looked like computer game footage and this turned me completely off. Animation where animation fits; real people where real people fit.

This film could have been so much better. It came over as a medieval gangster film which it most definitely should not be. That’s not to say I didn’t like it; it just could have been far better.