Film (Re)View – Logan

Logan’s last stand and what a stand it was. RIP Wolverine. RIP Professor Xavier.

A thoroughly engaging movie, completely different from the previously fantastical X-Men movies. It shows us life after mutants have been exorcised. Logan is a chauffeur, earning to try and save for a boat to take him and Xavier to sea….forever. They live in an abandoned factory with Xavier restricted to an overturned water tower (due to his mind magic). They are both looked after by an albino seer.

Soon plans are derailed when a young girl, bred in a lab where they made mutants, is thrust into their lives. She is a wolverine made from Logan’s DNA. Logan must save her and her friends, as well as protect his mentor.

An extremely bloody and violent film, yet you don’t see this as you are shown a man who is dying, yet driven by his moral code to protect and do what is right.

A moving and heart-breaking film which showed me, as a writer, how characters can and should change over time, just like we do.

Johnny Cash on the soundtrack was an added bonus!!