Film (Re)View – Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

It is circa 21 years after the last one and Will and Elizabeth have a son, Henry, who is hell bent on breaking his father’s curse (on the Flying Dutchman). To do it he needs a map, which no man can read, to find the Trident of Poseidon.

Cue Carina Smythe, an astrologer, horologist and, hence, assumed witch, who has a diary given to her by her father which, when the Blood Moon rises, will reveal the way to the Trident.

When Captain Jack trades his beloved compass (which takes you to your heart’s desire) for a bottle of booze, Captain Salazar (and his ship and crew) is freed. Salazar is a Spanish military captain who basically cleaned up the seas of pirates until he was outsmarted by a very young and newly made Captain Jack, who trapped Salazar and his ship in the Devil’s Triangle. Now free of the Triangle, they want Captain Jack and the compass to find the Trident, to break the curse (of Devil’s Triangle).

Paths cross and entangle as everyone is out to double cross everyone else, including Barbossa, whose ship Salazar takes over in his hunt for Captain Jack.

Carina steers a restored Black Pearl, following the map laid out in the stars, to successfully find the Trident.

Curses are broken and Barbossa, recently revealed as Carina’s father, sacrifices himself as he takes out Salazar to save the others.


  1. Jack has his beloved Black Pearl back and a full and adoring crew.
  2. ALL curses are broken.
  3. Will Turner, and the Flying Dutchman, are now free.
  4. Will is reunited with Elizabeth.

And, everyone lives happily ever after……..yes, Henry and Carina fall in love (eye roll!!)

My only criticism is that  neither Jack, the pirates nor Elizabeth Swann had been aged to reflect the passage of two decades. Jack and the pirates can argue various curses, but not Elizabeth. Shame on you Disney!

As a writer, if you write a series, your final volume MUST tie up all storylines and leave no loose ends. I feel this film did that, hence my opinion it is and should be the last one.