Film (Re)View – Sleepless

Superb cat and mouse story of how seriously an undercover operation can go horribly wrong.

Vincent Downs (Foxx) has lost his family (divorce) due to a two year undercover op. He is Internal Affairs and is undercover trying to weed out corrupt cops. When they steal the wrong man’s cocaine stash, they bring the wrath of the Novak’s (drug family) down on them. Downs’ son gets kidnapped as leverage.

The trouble is, Bryant (Monaghan) is also investigating corruption and believes Downs is the bad guy and finds and hides the drugs that he needs to get his son back!

Fast paced, action packed and with a huge body count, the film has a surprising twist. After believing the corruption has been quashed…….the DEA soon prove otherwise!

As a writer, the pace action and content of this film were in balance and kept you on your toes. I didn’t see the twist coming, but I also did’t feel it was the right twist, as it left the story unresolved which is a big no no!