Film (Re)View – The Boss Baby

Thoroughly enjoyed this kid’s film with adult subtext (required), about a baby sent to a family to stop the next puppy being released, as it would wipe out babies due to there not being enough love to go round.

Mum and Dad work at Puppy Corp and Boss Baby works at Baby Corp. He was chosen for management and not a family due to his lack of baby skills. He is kept young due to special formula he drinks from his bottle.

A hatred between Tim (Older brother) and Boss Baby soon becomes an alliance as they want the same thing – for Boss Baby never to have come. Needless to say, it doesn’t end that way.

As a writer, this film, through its simplicity, illustrates the critical parts to a good story – a plot, characters to relate to, a problem that needs resolving, characters who grow and change and a satisfactory resolution.

Plus, it made me laugh out loud in places – a very rare occurrence!!