Film (Re)View – The Mummy

‘Death is the doorway to new life. We live today. We shall live again. In many forms we shall return.’ Egyptian Prayer of Resurrection.

‘The past cannot remain buried forever.’ Dr Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe)

Two great quotes from what I felt was a really great movie. I went with three other people and it would appear I may have been the only one who enjoyed it; the others found it ‘just weird’. Did I enjoy it because I ‘got it’, because I’m weird too? Perhaps.

This is the first of Universal Studios’ revivals of the classic horror movies from the 1930s/40s era, under the banner of The Dark Universe. Others, confirmed so far, will be Bride of Frankenstein and The Invisible Man.

So, yes guys, this is a HORROR movie. I think once you wrap your head around that, other things will fall into place.

This was an excellent version of an age old tale. Is it based in truth? I don’t honestly know. Nor do I care, as it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the film one iota. Why? Because the filmmakers had succeeded in suspending my disbelief and creating scenarios and events that I believed could happen in this world they had created. This is the big thing. If you do not get your head out of the real world, you will hate this movie. You have to get your head in the space of a world where ancient egyptian princesses are unearthed and spells are broken, bringing them back to life to wreak havoc.

Sophia Boutella was phenomenal as The Mummy. She had the right mix of sex appeal, power and strength needed to seduce people and bend then to her will. She also had vulnerabilities, which all ‘monsters’ need to have. She was portrayed in a very three dimensional way and created empathy within me as I watched her plight.

Tom Cruise must have had one too many Red Bulls before doing this movie. He never stopped! I’m not a Cruise fan, but I was impressed with his performance in this movie as, for once, he had left his ego at the door and portrayed a very funny and likeable rogue with a soft heart. His softer side was evident by the twist at the end of the film.

I feel Annabelle Wallis was dealt a raw hand. She was supposed to be a highly intelligent and well regarded doctor and yet they portrayed her as a stereotypical weak female, always needing Tom to save her. Shame on you filmmakers!

My favourite character, I have to say, was Russell Crowe’s performance, not as Dr Jekyll, but as Mr Hyde. He carried off that cockney accent and bad boy attitude so well. I can’t wait for his film and hope he reprises the role.

The Mummy is certainly an action packed, face paced, heart pumping film, full of unexpected chuckles as well as the right amount of terror and horror not to have me rolling my eyes.

Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a watch.