Film (Re)View – Unfriended: Dark Web

That raises an interesting question with regards to what scares people the most. If the young lad sitting next to me is anything to go by, then it is this sort of movie. It was hilarious. Now, given I’m usually dumping the contents of my coffee over disruptive people, you might be wondering what made him different. I think it’s because he came in all cocky and self-assured with his mates, jumped out of his skin at the trailer for The Nun (and openly admitted he s**t himself) and then was so fidgety during the movie – covering his face, telling the cast not to do things – that I couldn’t; I have rarely seen someone of his age so engaged in a movie, that I was more impressed then annoyed. I was sorely tempted to make him jump though, but that would have been cruel…

Anyway, back to the movie. I was actually very impressed with it, to be honest – which says it all, I know. I honestly didn’t think I would be, because you are basically watching a Skype call (as this is what the cast are on) and I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to sit through it. The story, however, soon drew me in.

The main character, Matias, is trying to prove to his deaf girlfriend that he is making an effort to communicate with her in her language. He has created a computer app which translates speech into sign, and he is demonstrating it to her. In the background, we are aware that it is also ‘game night’ that evening and the gang are due to get together, but she says she won’t be there.

As the gang all sign into Skype for game night, it soon becomes apparent that something is not right with Matias’ computer. It is definitely pre-owned as all the social media log ins are for a different person. His curiosity gets the better of him and he logs in as this person. Initially, all he sees are messages from gorgeous women trying to get hold of the owner of the log in id, but soon the messages start to turn sinister and we see Matias becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

He admits to his friends that he ‘found’ the laptop and enlists his computer savvy mate, Damon, to try and help him explain what he has inadvertently let himself in for.

Matias has ‘stolen’ the computer belonging to someone who operates a business on the dark web and this person is  threatening to kill Matias’ girlfriend and all his friends if he doesn’t return it. Simple, you might think; just return the laptop. Agreed, but the problem is, the friends have discovered some hidden files which contain videos of the torture and murder of young women…

I’m not going to tell you anymore, as it would spoil the movie. All I will say is that it is definitely worth a watch. Oh, and it IS game night, but not the one they think they’re participating in.

The end of the movie has a twist which I didn’t see coming (which is a very good thing, by the way) and, although the movie didn’t scare me, it certainly made me uncomfortable.

Put it this way, I came home and immediately put a sticker over my webcam!