Film (Re)View – Wish Upon

After losing her mother to suicide, young Clare is brought up by her father, Jonathan, who gave up on his dream of being a sax player and dumpster dives for a living instead. One such dive uncovered a box covered in Chinese writing, which he cleaned up and gave to Clare.

Clare, a student of Chinese, could translate some of the writing on the box, enough to learn that the box was said to grant wishes. Now, for a girl who didn’t fit in at school, this was a gift to say the least. The box said it would grant seven wishes and she wasted no time in making her first one – that the girl bullying her at school ‘just rot’……..and that’s exactly what she did; she developed necrotising fasciitis!

The thing that Clare didn’t know, because she was unable to translate all the writing, was that each wish demanded a blood sacrifice. She didn’t even connect the dots, not straight away, when those she cared about started dying in freak accidents.

Giving the box away didn’t help and it was impossible to destroy.

Clare thought she had beaten the box at its own game when she wished she had never been given it, but she clearly hadn’t understood the ultimate cost of having your wishes granted.

The film has what all good horror films should have…….a shocking ending that really slaps you in the face and makes you sit up and take note.

Hats off to the writers and director because not once did I question the validity of this story. Objects that grant wishes are the stuff of fairy tales, but this most definitely wasn’t a fairy tale. It was a real world scenario where it seemed perfectly normal to find a Chinese wish box with a bite!

Most definitely worth a watch!