Film (Re)View – Wonder Woman

I was not disappointed. Gal played a strong, resilient and determined young woman who was decisive and not easily swayed by the views of others. She stood firm on what she believed in and I respect that. This shone through into a very believable character and one whom you rooted for all the way through. Even through heartbreak she stood strong and tall, harnessing the raw power of her emotion to defeat her enemy.

An excellent script and henec storyline, with only a couple of flaws in my book. Ares, the God of War; a man who when defeated would bring the end to all wars………given this film was set in the Great War (WWI), I think it was a glaring mistake to say that destroying Ares would end all wars, as we know this not to be true. The other ‘mistake’ is one I called out in King Arthur – a fight scene which is clearly a computer animated game scene. This, for me, is a big no-no. Animate where you need to – in an animated film, but don’t insult our intelligence and try and be clever. This is people fighting, so make it real!!

Rant over.

As a writer, I feel the filmmakers succeeded in creating a believable world and, within that world (war issue aside, as it is still our world), they created characters and a storyline that slotted in perfectly. Ticked all the boxes and well worth a watch!