The Misfits & The Magic Stone

A trainee witch.

A stone imbued with power.

A loss waiting to happen.

Meg Broom is the only pure-blood witch in the school. While she is learning the art of spellcasting, her power lies in a magical stone called a Runial.

When Meg loses this stone, her world falls apart as a Runial should never be separated from its owner.

With no witch to absorb its power, the Runial is a ticking time bomb. Meg must trust its secret with her newfound friends Achoo, Mina, Zoe and Boo—The Misfits—before anyone gets hurt.






He likes playing video games, chatting with his friends, Matchbox cars, comic books and his assortment of beanbags, which allow him to do what he loves most of all…sleep!

Achoo has allergies which affect his control over his inner self. If he sneezes he wolfs out. Multiple sneezes are exhausting and cause him to fall asleep…..surprisingly!

He sleeps a lot. If he sits still too long, he falls asleep. If he stands still too long, he falls asleep. Basically, if he’s still, he falls asleep!

Achoo is a werewolf and, according to his dad, not a very good one…



She love bright colours, flowers, butterflies and the feel of the sun warming her cheeks.

Her favourite colour is pink and she likes to wear a flower in her hair, behind her ear.

Mina prefers salads to red meat and refuses point blank to drink human blood.

Her favourite past time is drinking juice through a straw placed in the gap where her fangs should be; it annoys her mother.

Mina is a vampire and, according to her mother, not a very good one…



He hails from the time and town of Jack the Ripper and his outfits are a constant source of amusement, as is his accent.

Boo is a simple soul. He likes nothing more than to sit down for a good old chinwag or take centre stage to spin a good yarn; it all depends on his audience.

He has a very short attention span which gets him into all sorts of predicaments, especially when he’s supposed to be walking through things!

Boo is a ghost and, according to his dad, not a very good one…



She likes speed, whether it be whizzing around on her roller blades, her scooter or her skateboard, she doesn’t mind, though her roller blades are her favourite.

The problem she has is that no one else in her family likes to move very fast and so accidents are a frequent occurrence.

Along with her “wheels”, Zoe always carries a roll of duct tape in her back-pack, to tape back in place those pesky body parts that tend to fall off at speed!

Zoe is a zombie and, according to her mum, not a very good one…



All Formats


This is a delightful read. It is underpinned by clever writing and excellent characterisation.

I defy any child not to want to know what happens next.


Oh what a joy this book is to read. I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down.

This is a great book to boost the confidence of children.


M A Cope has given children a lovely book that whizzes four friends from zero to hero in sixty-two pages.


An excellent book and ideal for the young reader. Great story. Loved it!


This book has some really important messages for younger readers – it’s ok to be different. You don’t have to ‘fit in’ to be happy.


This is a fantastic book. It introduces a wonderful cast of characters, each one intriguing & engaging.


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