An A-Z of the Supernatural: B is for Binding

“By my Goddess and
by my God
I ask for your power to
strengthen my spell
By my Goddess and
by my God
I ask for your power
to end this fight
Help me to rid the land
of this evil presence
Through my actions,
through our power
We commit him to his tomb”

The Spell O’Binding is one of the first spells that we encounter in BONDS, as Anna battles to bring to an end her son-in-law’s reign of terror. The spell is the second of a set of four ancient incantations in the possession of witches, intended for use together; Summoning, which calls upon the elements to give the witch aid and protection when fighting evil forces, the Spell O’Binding, which summons the power of nature to confine evil, and the Spell o’ Internment. This is followed by Completion and Thanks, offered in gratitude to ensure that the spell will hold as intended.

It is this very spell that sees the monster that is Antony Cardover bound by vines as Anna summons the power of nature to suppress him, in her attempts to end the horrors that she has witnessed unfold before her.

Spells or incantations such as those that feature in BONDS have been used since ancient times to trigger magical effects on people and objects.

With the rise of the major monotheistic religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, the use of spells became associated with evil and immoral forces in attempts to stamp out their use, and with it, the art of witchcraft gradually too became associated with evil. It is no surprise then that witches, once respected as people gifted with a unique power to harness the forces of nature to help and to heal, eventually became the enemy and met a terrible fate – just as we see with Anna’s eventual demise.

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