Horror Night at Write Blend, Liverpool

From 7pm

Write Blend, 124 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0ND


Write Blend becomes Fright Blend for this evening of pre-Hallowe’en chills.

Horror writer Marie Anne Cope will take you on a journey to explore the meaning of terror and horror and to debate the correct mix of each within a horror story or movie. She will set your nerves on edge by looking at our fears, especially our fear of the dark, and seek to answer the question of why it is that we like to be scared.
Your emotions now heightened, Marie will seek to chill you to the core by reading one of her dark and scary short stories.
If you like to be frightened, if you like to feel that shiver down your spine, if you like the feeling of not knowing who will be lurking in the darkness as you leave, then come and join Marie and have your taste-buds tantalised.

Come along and discover the terrifying power of stories.