Film (Re)View – Atomic Blonde

One of the great things about this film was the realistic and authentic fight scenes. I really felt for Theron’s stunt double because she took a pasting on more than one occasion. It was so so good to see a real fight scene and not a CGI/computer-gamed one (Take note film-makers!!). The fight scenes were extremely violent and bloody and it was great to see the real impact of being shot through the head. Hats off to the team for these sequences.

The plot wasn’t anything special, if I’m honest. A list of names of ‘spys’ that, in the wrong hands, could extend the length of the Cold War by a lifetime. The list also contained the identity of a double agent and this was the cat and mouse chase throughout the movie. It did keep you guessing as to who it might be and I like that, as I don’t want to be able to work it out too soon; the film becomes dull then.

Stellar acting from both Theron and McAvoy, who were brilliantly convincing in their respective roles.

The only eye roller for me was the unnecessary girl on girl sex scene in the film. Boys…it makes it so obvious that this film was made by men who need to get out a bit more, I’m afraid. It didn’t fit with the plot and it was obvious it was just thrown in because, well…Theron & Boutella….well, why not. Ladies, you should have put your foot down!!

Apart from that, the film was intriguing, fast paced, full of action and violence, with a nice twist at the end. All you could ask for really ?