Film (Re)View – Get Out

A white girl takes her black boyfriend to meet her parents; the mother being a hypnotherapist.

The weirdness is noticed in the black gardener and housekeeper and then when the mother hypnotises Chris, under the guise of getting him to stop smoking. He finds himself swimming in the ether of his subconscious, screaming to be released.

The oddness continues when a very young black man appears on the arm of an ageing white lady, speaking and acting in a dazed and wooden manner. He is supposed to be her husband. A well timed camera flash breaks this ‘spell’ and the man urges Chris to run.

Chris tries, but soon discovers he has been duped by his girlfriend and he is the next to be auctioned off to the dying white southerners as a ‘vessel’ for them to transfer into.

A very believable and original idea and, for once, the film didn’t do something stupid to cause me to disbelieve.

My only question was why the racial element? It seemed to be very segregated and it didn’t need to be.

As a writer, you should never leave your audience asking why. Only leave them wanting more.