Film (Re)View – The Mountain Between Us

I have to say, thought, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it was a little sugar coated, BUT the premise of the story was sound. Two strangers thrown together in horrific circumstances have to learn to rely on each other for their very survival.

Would this result in romance, I have to say that it probably would. Would that romance go beyond the situation, I have to say probably not. Romance in these situations is borne of trauma and a co-dependency. It would not be sustainable in ‘real’ life. This was the sugar coated bit, but it didn’t detract from the film.

Being a tad cynical, I have to say that it was a fear of loneliness and nothing more that made these two characters – Alex and Ben – care so much about each other and this, for me, is very true. No one wants to be on their own, especially in the middle of snow covered mountains following a plane crash! A very believable situation and growth of co-dependency.

I especially liked the dog with no name, but have to question why he never seemed to suffer from cold or hunger and was always full of beans. Probably because the animal rights peops would be on the case. In reality, the dog would have suffered just as much. He may have been able to catch food, but being a dog, he would have brought it back ?

As much as I thought this was an excellent film, I do have to question how realistic it is. They cite a rule of three – three weeks without food, three days without water. Surely this is if you have no injuries. Alex was harbouring some pretty horrific injuries and also fell into a sub zero lake, from which she would have developed hypothermia….and yet she didn’t. Surely, this would alter the rule of three?

Despite this, this is a move to restore your faith in the human spirit. It shows how people can survive against the odds if they truly want to. I do feel, to some extent, this is true. Wanting to live, desiring to live and fighting to live…..well, isn’t that what it’s all about?

A thoroughly moving film that will make you look at life differently, even if only a little way.