Film (Re)View – The Nun

WOW! Yes, it’s in capitals, it isn’t a mistake. I was completely blown away by this film; The Conjuring universe never disappoints.

I have talked in my blogs about the key to a great horror film being the right mix of terror (the build up) and horror (the release) and this movie has nailed it, which doesn’t surprise me, as all of the offerings from this franchise have delivered.

Does it mean it scared the crap out of me? No, it doesn’t. Does it mean it had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen, craving the event almost? Yes, it does. You might be wondering where my release was, as you know we all need the release, and it came with the flutter in my heart and the smile on my lips.

The Nun is a supernatural tale of an ancient “big bad” which had been imprisoned beneath a convent in Romania many moons ago. The nuns cloistered at the convent were the guardians, and their job was to ensure that no one came to break the seal (Christ’s blood) and let the evil back out. That’s all well and good, but ancient seals are no match for WWII bombs, and when one is dropped on the church it smashes the seal.

Now, the response of the church to said problem is to ensure that the nuns cloistered there are constantly praying, to up the holy ante in the convent. Not only that, but the place is absolutely riddled with life-size crosses. To keep the evil out, you may think, but no; the crosses are to keep the evil in, should it escape…which it seemed prone to do.

The evil had worked its way through the convent until the last nun took her own life, in a last ditch attempt to stop it ever escaping into the world at large.

Suicide, as you may be aware, is a sin in the catholic church and so an investigative priest and a young nun, yet to take her vows, but blessed with second sight, are despatched to investigate, with the help of the local man who found the nun.

I urge you to join Father Burke, Sister Irene and Frenchie as they embark on their investigation into why this nun took her own life. They are both helped and hindered by the nuns of the convent as they uncover the truth of what lies beneath the church, and battle to find a way to entomb it once more. The key lies in the aftermath of all Sister Irene’s visions – “Mary points the way.”

Living nightmares, hallucinations, ghosts, possession, chills and bloodshed all combine to make this mystery, a horror movie worth seeing. As to whether there will be a sequel…I’ll let you decide ?