• Times are a Changing…

    … and I’m not merely referring to the seasons, although I have no doubt the two are related.

    As we’ve moved through Mabon, or the autumn equinox, the day where both day and night are the same length, we start to prepare ourselves for the colder and darker nights to come. Like the plants and wildlife, we too return to ourselves, to rest and nurture, ready to burst into life again at Ostara, or the spring equinox.

    Now is also the time of the year we need to let go of things we’ve been clinging on to, and a time when projects come to an end.

    Coupled with Mabon, we have had the Harvest Moon—September’s full moon. It represents the time of the year when we are harvesting the crops the summer months have nourished, a time when the earth cools and we want to spend more time indoors. It is also a time when our emotions are all over the place after a busy and sometimes stressful summer. Again, it is a time to regroup and prepare for the colder months to come.

    So, have you noticed a change in your life or emotions?

    I have…

    Not only are my emotions in turmoil, but I feel I am at a crossroads, that the universe is presenting me with a choice, one that will change the course of my life.

    I reconnected with my spiritual advisor recently, for no other reason than my inner voice said it was something I needed to do. He was expecting my call, as he too had been advised. When I sat before him and asked him why I was there, he simply said, ‘Because your awareness of the weird seems to be growing.’ Now, by weirdness, he meant the spirit world. Before I left the house, my inner voice told me to take my witch’s tarot cards and my pendulum with me. A clairvoyant advised me to buy the tarot cards a few years ago, advising me I would know why when the time was right. The pendulum—a lapis lazuli crystal—was a birthday gift from a friend a couple of years ago. So, that morning, I began my education of divination; a tool used by witches for many purposes.

    But it isn’t only my awareness of the weird that is changing; my writing is changing too. If I’m honest, this change started at the beginning of 2020, when I embarked on a journey to find the real me. You may be rolling your eyes at this, dear reader, but when you have lived a life pleasing others, it isn’t difficult to see how I could lose sight of who I truly am. The journey resulted in me penning my first contemporary romance novel; something I said I could never write, because I have never known a happy ending. But I have learned, this doesn’t stop me from writing one!

    I am being completely honest with you when I say that writing the romance is the most excited I have ever been to write anything. A sign? I like to think so, and I am seeing where this change takes me.

    I talked about projects coming to an end with the Harvest moon, and this is also something I have been doing. The script for BONDS is now complete, and it is time to move on to the next stage—finding a producer or director to bring it to life. I have also completed the BONDS series of novels, the final volume ETERNAL BONDS being published on Bram Stoker’s birthday, 8 November.

    I’ve even expanded my repertoire of music I write to. As you may be aware, Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell III has always been my go to album, due to the myriad emotions that run through the songs. Recently, my inner voice has shown me an album with a similar range of emotions, and one which suits the light. As I write this, Natalie Imbruglia’s White Lilies Island is playing in the background.

    So, from a writing point of view, I feel times are changing. That doesn’t mean I have left the darkness behind, far from it; I have THE HEADHUNTER in the works, after all. It simply means, at the moment, I am drawn towards the light.

    ’Til next time,